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About Us
Program: Helping special need children in Delhi {NCR} and Jaipur.

Accommodation/Meals: Host family and indian food three times a day

Work Hours: 24 hours a week/Monday - Friday

Mentally challenged children are not able to follow verbal commands as swiftly as normal child does. They show academic backwardness and they are lost in their own world. They are poor in ADL (activities of daily living, i.e. combing, brushing teeth, buttoning / unbuttoning shirt or trousers, money transaction etc).

Volunteers will help these special needs children to lead a near normal life. Some of these projects train volunteers in caring for these special people.

Also provided are therapy and counselling for schizophrenics, occupational therapy, psychophysical exercises and outpatient counseling. Some tasks for volunteers will include center maintenance and gardening, preparing and serving meals, cleaning and providing companionship to the inhabitants of the house as well as helping with their education. (You will be guided by the project coordinator.)