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Program: 1 Teaching to underprivileged children in Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) and Jaipur

Accommodation/Meals: Stay with a host family or in a volunteer guest home. The accommodations include three daily meals and use of utilities at the home.

Work Hours: 25 hours a week/Monday - Friday

Many children in India do not go to schools because their parents do not see benefits from studies, illiterate parents encourage work rather than study. The street children schools in Delhi NCR are run by teachers, who, like the volunteers, come to the school to offer any services they can to the truly desperate. The schools do not have buildings for teaching the children; however, the schools operate in local parks close to the slum areas, so that they can educate any child interested in learning. Most schools teach between one hundred to three hundred children, depending on the school. Providing uniforms, school supplies, and one meal daily to each child, the schools propose many incentives to encourage impoverished parents to send their children to school. The teachers instruct the children in subjects such as Hindi, English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical exercises, dance and music, and arts and crafts.

As a volunteer, you will help the teachers with their curriculum for the school, which they keep as close as possible to a private school's academic curriculum. Volunteers typically teach English, mathematics, physical exercises, art, and western culture to the children through songs and dances to enrich the children's worldliness. Fascinated by the volunteers value of them, the children enthusiastically come to school each day with a grin from ear to ear. With your help, the children's English skills will greatly improve, since only a few teachers are as fluent in English as the volunteers are, in a school of hundreds of children. Additionally, in some schools volunteers can offer computer classes to the children, to open new opportunities of communication for the students.

Program: 2 English Teaching in Delhi (NCR)

Accommodation/Meals: Host family and Indian food three times a day

Work Hours: 24 hours a week/Monday - Friday

Teaching English in india mainly focuses on the development of English speaking skills of students presently studying in schools and colleges.
As an English Instructor, your classes will be filled with the enthusiastic students. English teaching in India also offers exceptional opportunities to build a career in teaching, and explore indian culture, hospitality and people.

You will teach approximately 24 hrs hours a week and participate in developing and planning English camps, trips, and other activities with teachers and students to practice conversational English. Text books and other teaching materials will be made available.

Program: 3 Teaching Buddhist Monks at Dharamshala {Himachal pradesh}

Accommodation/Meals: Accommodation with Tibetan host family and meals three times a day

Work Hours: 24 hours a week/Monday - Friday

In this area there is a Tibetan community that does not have the financial means to hire professionals to teach English and other subjects. You will help the Buddhist children who came from Tibet as refugees. You will learn about Buddhist culture and rituals. This place is located 20 minutes from Dharamshala

Program: 4 Teaching Adults at Dharamshala {Himachal pradesh}

Accommodation/Meals: Accommodation with Tibetan host family and meals three times a day

In the evening, the Tibetan people come to be taught English to have proper writing and reading skills.
Volunteers will formulate lesson plans and curricula for the students at the school. Volunteers can teach from beginning English to advanced English. Volunteers will focus on English grammar with the people, by improving written and oral communication skills.

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