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Introduction India

Population: (2005)
Capital: New Delhi (approx. 7.2 mio inhabitants)
Currency: Indian Rupee
Governance: Federal republic
Borders: Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh

The country

India is the same size as Europe but has over 1 billion inhabitants, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. India borders Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh. India is the meeting place for new and old Asia. Energy and entrepreneurship vibrate in the large cities, but the ancient culture remains part of the street scene. Here unimaginable wealth exists alongside extreme poverty in the big city slums. There are hundreds of ethnic groups, languages, religions and gods. A constant chaos that both charms and repels and where the only thing to expect is the unexpected. :- Map of India


Most of India lies in the tropical zone, but to the north, the country borders the subtropical. Because of its size and geography, the climate is very diverse. See temperature differences:-
--Indian Climate
--Current Indian Time


A visa is needed; you can apply at the Indian embassy in your home country before you leave. Visas are no longer issued at the airport. Since a voluntary work visa does not exist, you must apply for a tourist visa. It takes about 5 working days to obtain it. You must pay cash. The embassy does not accept credit cards. Extending your visa after your arrival in India, it is very difficult and rarely accepted. Find the Indian embassy in your country on this page and see if you can download the application form:- Indian Embassy


It is generally advised to get vaccines for typhus, diphtheria, hepatitis A, Japanese encephalitis, and meningitis as well as malaria pills. Make sure that you have your vaccinations up to date. For more information on which vaccinations could be necessary please contact your family doctor or insurance company.


Travel expenses are not included in the program fees.

Work permit

If you enrol for the volunteer program, no work permit is required as your volunteer work is considered as a cultural exchange.


It is expected that course participants are attending the course she/he enrolled for. Absence from education, arrangements and work stay do not justify for a refund.

National holidays

There's no education on national holidays.

Pre Departure Kit

Following things we recommend you should keep with you before arrival-:
A bed sheet, Flashlight, Umbrella, Mosquito repellent, Sunscreen, Alarm clock, Journal Sleeping bag, Any games would be great for the kids and photos of your family and friends!


One should bring conservative clothing that covers the shoulders (ex: shirts with capped sleeves). No shorts, bikinis, or sleeveless clothes outside of your own bedroom. You should bring sandals, a head-covering (bandanas, hats, etc.), and a towel that dries fast.Luggage that is easy to carry is most useful while traveling. We recommend a hiking backpack over other types of luggage.


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